Here are pictures of the Nundal Valley, showing both the main farms and the crofter places

History: The name Nundal was writen Nodale in 1330, Nundall 1563, Nummedall 1603, Nundall 1666 and Nundahl in 1723. The name used in Årdal are mostly Nondalen. Nundalen is an old place, it is mentioned in "Brynjulf Kalvskinnarbok" 1330, when it belonged to the church in Fortun,Luster County. The place then was emty sometime after the Black Death, but appears again in 1563.

Let's start with the main farms !

  1. Torpen

  2. Haugstad

  3. Vestre Nundal ( Tretteteig )

  4. Buhaug

  5. Hagen

  6. Andersgarden

  7. Ekra

    • Steinarhaugen