History: The first known here are Anders Johanneson Volldal, born 1757 and married to Anna Trondsdtr Hæreid in 1777. They got the place in 1784. They had 7 children who grew up . Trond Anderson got the farm from his father in 1815. He was born 1792 and married to Brita Olsdtr Holsæter in 1816. Trond and Brita had 7 children and Ola born 1823 got the farm. He married to Kari Matiasdtr Øvstetun in 1848 and had the place until 1890 when they emigrated to USA. Ola's brother Anders bought the place and give it to his son Trond Anderson Hestetun, my great-grandfather born 1857 and married to Marita Olsdtr Midtun. They had the place until 1921 and was the last as crofter people here. In 1921 their daughter Sevrina and here husband bought the place and became owner's. they where the last people to left the valley in 1959..

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Johannes Trondson Nundal 19/4-1854 age 28
Synneva Hansdtr Nundal 19/4-1854 age 27
Brita Johannesdtr Nundal 19/4-1854 age 6
Mari Johannesdtr Nundal 19/4-1854 age 2
Sjur Trondson Nundal 1853 age 25
Matias Olson Nundal 14/4-1868 age 20
Elisabeth Olsdtr Nundal 19/7-1894 age 12
Sjur Olson Nundal 27/5-1880 age 19
Mari Olsdtr Nundal 16/4-1866 age 21