History: Bruk 1 was owned by the church in Fortun,Luster County. In 1645 there was a man in Stavanger , Mads Nilsen who owned Torpen.The users o the farm was first on Ola, from 1603 to 1640. His son-in law , Åmund then had the farm. He was born ca 1616 and died 1683. He was married twice, we have no name for the first wife,but his second was Gurid Jonsdtr. we know of at least 4 children after Åmund, Jon,Anders,Ola,Synneva. Ola got the farm. Ola Åmundson was born ca 1660 and are dead 1707 when his widow,Anna still lived. From no on there was 2 farm's, Bruk 1 called Haugstad and bruk 2 named Torpen.The next man on Haugstad was Ingebrikt Olson, married to Brita Pedersdtr Seim.Ingebrikt was born ca 1683 and died 1714. his widow then married Mons Johanneson from Bruk 4 Vestre Nundal. They had 4 children: Johannes, Gjørond, Brita and Botolf. Gjørond married Johannes Hanson. He was born 1702 and died 1770. They married 1738 .They had 9 children, and Eli got the farm. She was born 1739 and married Hermund Olson 1762. Hermund and Eli had 6 children. Ola the oldest got a crofter place called Bjørkehaugen, Lasse got a crofter place called Hagen, Østein married Maren Hansdtr Ørbech and got a crofter place under the Naddvik farm, and Lisbet married to Sjur Botolfson Avdal. Johannes Hermundson got the farm. He was born 1766 and married in 1787 Synneva Bottolfsdtr Avdal . Johannes died 1844 and Synneva 1851. They had 4 children, Botolf, Anne Sofie, Eli and Hermund who got the farm. Hermund Johanneson was born 1791 and married in 1810 with Ingeborg Persdtr Nundal, from Vestre Nundal. They had 7 children. Hermund died 1864 and Ingeborg in 1841. Johannes Hermundson born 1815 then got the farm. Johannes married Ingeborg Håvardsdtr Nundal in 1840. They had the farm until 1862,when Hermund their oldest son became the owner. Johannes died 1904 and Ingeborg in 1872.Hermund was born 1840 and married in 1863 with Gjertrud Nilsdtr Ornes from Hafslo. Hermund died 1897 and Gjertrud in 1922. They had 8 children.Hermund Johanneson was the first to own the farm, as he bought the farm from Anders Berge and Anders Hengesteg in Fortun in 1862. Those two owned the church in Fortun and thereby the farm.Hermund paid 850 Spesidalar for the farm. He also announced in the court that the named was to became Haugstad.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :