Vestre Nundal (Tretteteig)

History : This farm has been the church's property as far back we can follow it. "Vestre Nundal" was first mentioned in 1611. As the name says,this farm lays on the west side of the valley.There was only two places at the west side, Buhaug, a small crofter place 300 meter's above and Tretteteig as this farm become known of later.The first person we can state is Johannes Monson born 1650. He is not mentioned in the 1666 cencus and have probably come from eastern Norway.None of his children got the farm and after him Kristen Person Rønnei got the farm.Kristen was born 1700 and got married to Eli Jonsdtr Øren in 1726. They had the farm to 1766. Kristen died 1778 and his wife 1790.They had 8 children, and Peder got the farm.He was born 1741 and married 1767 with Lisbeth Håvardsdtr Hestetun. Per died 1818 and Lisbeth in 1808. They had 8 children. Håvard Person got the farm, he was born 1772 and married in 1810 with Durdei Sjursdtr Årebru.Håvard died 1836 and Durdei 1862. They had 6 children. Of those Kristen got the farm, Ingeborg married Johannes Hermundson Nundal, Lisbeth died 1881 and Malena emigrated to USA. Sigrid married first Per Olson Dalåkre and then Per Olson Hestetun. They had a crofter place under Hestetun.Kristen was born 1813 and married Anna Nagelsdtr Torsteinsdtr Seim. They had the farm until 1846 when they emigrated to USA with their three children,see below. He sold the farm to Torstein Jenson Nystova, but when his wife died 1848, Torstein sold the farm to Ola Henrikson Hestetun.The farm was now called "Henrik-Ola garden". Ola was born 1825 and married in 1847 with Johanna Thomasdtr Lægreid. Ola and his wife got 6 children, of those Henrik got the farm. Henrik Olson was born 1848 and married in 1885 with Ingeborg Hermundsdtr Nundal.Henrik died 1905 and Ingeborg 1901. They had 8 children. Herman got the farm but he sold in 1909 to Eirik Seim who then sold to Tomas Jenson Tretteteig from Fresvik.The farm now changed name to Tretteteig

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Kristen Håvardson Nundal 23/2-1847 age 34
Anna Nagel torsteinsdtr Seim 23/2-1847 age 22
Johan Henrikson Nundal 2/4-1907 age 17
Henrik Henrikson Nundal 2/11-1908 age 16