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  • Bruk 2
  • Øren Br. 1

    The name was written Ørne 1603, Ørenn 1611, Ørnen 1666 and Øhren 1723. Øren is not mentioned before 1603, but already in 1611 this is one of the largest farms. The first we know of here is Eirik. He was here from 1601 to 1611. Then we find Lars here, from 1611 until 1635. After him we find Kristoffer here, from 1635 until his death in 1663. Then we have Eirik Nilson here, from 1664 to at least 1683. Then there were two users at the same time, Sjur and Johannes. Sjur for a short period, but Johannes was here until 1696, when there was a new owner. His name was Jon Jørgenson Eide. Jon was born 1674 and was married to Ragnhild Lægreid. They had 7 children. Jon died in 1727. Their son Jørgen then got this farm. Jørgen Jonson was born in 1702 and married in 1727 with Gro Olsdtr Hæreid. Jørgen died in 1771 and Gro in 1775. They had 7 children. Their son Jon then got this farm. Jon Jørgenson was born in 1737 and married in 1761 with Ranveig Helgesdtr Hæreid. They had 4 children. Jon gave half the farm to his son Jørgen in 1783, and the other half to his son Helge in 1788. We continue with Jørgens part, br 1. Jørgen Jonson was born in 1763 and married in 1785 with Anna Olsdtr Hestetun. They had 6 children. Anna died in 1810, and Jørgen later married Brita Torsdtr Ve. Jørgen died in 1850, his second wife Brita in 1826. Jørgen and Annas son Jon got br 1. Jon Jørgenson was born in 1789 and married in 1811 with Kari Olsdtr Ve. They had 5 children. Jon died in 1840 and Kari in 1852. Their son Jørgen got this farm in 1837. Jørgen Jonson was born in 1814 and married in 1837 with Guri Larsdtr Midtun. She died in 1850 and Jørgen married Margrete Pedersdtr Øvstetun in 1853. With his first wife he had 9 children, but only 2 lived up, amongst them Lars who got this farm. Lars Jørgenson was born in 1851 and married in 1875 with Synneva Sylfesdtr Øvstetun. They had 10 children. Today only the main house and the haybarn exist, and no one from the family lives here.

    Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
    Ola Jonson Øren 14/4-1855 age 33
    Anna Hermundsdtr Øren 14/4-1855 age 56
    Jon Olson Øren 14/4-1855 age7
    Hermund Olson Øren 14/4-1855 age 3
    Jon Jørgenson Øren 3/6-1876 age 20
    Peder Jørgenson Øren 5/5-1880 age 21
    Kari Jørgensdtr Øren 22/5-1889 age 25