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  1. Bruk 2 : Haugane
  2. Bruk 3 : Øvre Vollane
  3. Bruk 4 : Nedre Vollane

Br. 1

The name was written Mittwnn 1522, Mitthun 1563, 1603, 1611, Mitun 1666, and Midthun 1723. This name is easy to understand, it means the farm in the middle. Let us start with the users. In 1522 we find Jon here, in 1563 we find Bjørn here, and from early 1600 we find Einar here. Then in 1624 we find Ola here, Håkon until 1630, Knut in 1640. Then we find Sven here, from 1641 til at least 1682. Sven was from Hæreid. In 1684 we find Ola Løenson Hestetun here. He was here until 1706. Then came an Tore here, and finaly we find Kristoffer Årebru here. In 1725 This farm became the Kings property and was used by the copper mill. In 1768 it all was sold , and there were two bayers. Jon Rasmusson Åbøle bought one part, and Otto Person Fåberg the other. In 1769 Jon split his part into two separate parts, and sold one to his brother-in-law, Nils Aslakson Nundal, so there where three "Bruks" here. We continue with br.1. As we have told under Melheim , Jon changed farm with Einar Eirikson Melheim. Einar never used his part but had two sons here to run it. They had this part until 1785 when the sold to Tomas Hallvardson Drægni. Tomas was born in 1738 and married in 1774 to Inga Vilkensdtr Rønnei.Tomas died in 1808 and Inga in 1820. Their son Vilken Tomasson got this farm. Vilken was born in 1784 and married with Gjørond Eiriksdtr Hæreid in 1800. They lived most of the time on the Hæreid farm, and their son Tomas got this farm. Tomas was born in 1804 and married in 1829 with Synneva Hallvardsdtr Asåerheim. They had this farm until 1851 when they gave it to their son Vilken. Vilken Tomasson was born in 1830 and married in 1851 with Kari Olsdtr Ve. Vilken drowned in the river in 1867, leaving behind his widow and three children. His son Tomas got this farm. Tomas was born in 1857 and married in 1880 with Mari Sylfesdtr Øvstetun. They had the farm until 1923 when their son Sylfest got it. Today the village of the town has taken all the land so this part no longer exist.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Gjørond Tomasdtr Midtun 19/4-1854 age 20
Halvor Tomasson Midtun 14/4-1855 age 17
Kari Tomasdtr Midtun 24/4-1905 age 21