Volldal (Trondteigen)

History: In 1330 the church in Årdal owned a part of "Valladale". We hear nothing to this farm during the time of the Black Death, but find it again in 1611. the name is now written Wolldal.In 1666 the spelling is Wolldalen, and in 1723 Woldahlen. Half of this farm belonged to the church in Lærdal and this part was used by the owner of the Øren farm. The other part was early a private part and used by the owner's of Volldal.. The first user we find is Torkjell in 1611 and hewas here to 1634. Then there was a Knut, but we know very little about him. In 1657 we find Steinar here.After him we find Hallvard. He was the first self-owner of this part, but we don't know when he bought or from who. In 1681 we find Johannes here, married to Rannei Knutsdtr. They had at least one child, Marita. She got married in 1715 to Ole Arneson, probably from Luster. They had 3 children. Ole died in 1721. In 1738 we find his son Johannes Olson as the user. He was born in 1717 and married to Sigrid Arnfinnsdtr Vetti in 1739. They had 8 children. Johannes died in 1760. First their son Anfinn had the farm but he gave it to his brother Kristoffer after 3 years. Kristoffer was born in 1748 and married in 1774 with Anna Håvardsdtr Hestetun. They had 2 children. Kristoffer died in 181 and Anna in 1827. Then their son Johannes Kristofferson became owner. Johannes was born in 1776 and married to Inga Andersdtr Seim in 1797. They had 8 children Johannes died in 1827 and Inga in 1823. The Kristoffer Johanneson became user. He was born in 1806 and married in 1827 to Else Nilsdtr Holsæter. They had the farm from 1827 to 1853. Kristoffer died in 1864. They had 5 children and Nils Kristofferson got the farm. He was born in 1833 and married to Kristi Henriksdtr Holsæter in 1853. They had 8 children. In 1876 the farm was sold in 5 part's, but Nils Son henrik took it back by the help of the "Odels-law". Henrik who had been a priest in USA, sold again in 1885 to Ole Eyvindson Hjelle. ole was married to Malena Ve and had the farm to 1892 when he sold to Ingebrikt Fosse. He sold in 1893 to Tomas Sørenson Svalheim, but three years later he sold to Per Botolfson Høyum. He used the farm for 5 years and then sold to Bernt Pederson Javnåkre. Bernt was born in 1871 and married to Anna Sylfestdtr Avdalen in 1897. After them we find their son Anton Bertin and his wife Olga Jørgensdtr Avdal. The farm no longer exist as the whole area has been used for housebuikding.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Anders Anderson Volldal 1866 age 22
Johannes Olson Volldal 1870 age 22
Ole Olson Volldal 1869 age 18
Andreas Olson Volldal 1880 age 27
Anna Kristoffersdtr Volldal 5/4-1870 age 27
Malena Johannesdtr Volldal 23/4-1885 age 19
Henrik Nilson Volldal 18/8-1905 age 45
Sigrid Volldal 18/8-1905 age 38
Kristine Henriksdtr Volldal 18/8-1905 age 11
Nils Henrikson Volldal 18/8-1905 age 8
Gjertrud Henriksdtr Volldal 18/8-1905 age 5
Astrid Henriksdtr Volldal 18/8-1902 age 3
Erling and Johanne (Twins) 18/8-1905 age 1
Barbra Nilsdtr Volldal 1/5-1882 age 18
Nils Nilson Volldal 12/4-1885 age 19
Tomas Nilson Volldal 11/6-1885 age 16
Kristian Nilson Volldal 28/4-1892 age 17