Here lived in 1801 Lasse Einarson Moen. He was born in 1757 and married to Ingeborg Iversdtr. They had no children. Then we find Hermund Jørgenson Øren here. He was born in 1794, and married to Kari Nilsdtr Holsæter in 1819. After them we find Gudbrand Olson Ve here. He was born in 1823 and married with Malena Olsdtr Vetti in 1851. She died in 1868 and Gudbrand married again in 1869. With his first wife he had 6 children, amongst them Ola who got this place. Ola Gudbrandson was born in 1861 and married to Ranveig Aslaksdtr Nundal in 1880. They had 10 children. Ola died in 1946 and Ranveig 1929. Their grandchildren now own the place and lives here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ragnhild Gudbrandsdtr Holsæter 11/4-1872 age 19
Olina Gudbrandsdtr Holsæter 29/4-1880 age 24
Malena Gudbrandsdtr Holsæter 15/4-1884 age 20
Malena Olsdtr Holsæter 15/4-1904 age 24
Brita Hermundsdtr Holsæter 14/4-1855 age 33