History: This was first used by a son from the main farm. Nils Tomasson Ve was born in 1807 and married in 1831 with Mari Sylfestdtr Øvstetun. Nils and Mari had 9 children. Next user here was Eirik Botolvson Svalheim. Eirik was born in 1823 and married in 1860 with Inga Kristoffersdtr Volldal. They had 5 children. Eirik died in 1897. The nex user here was Tomas Oveson Seim. Tomas was born in 1876 and married in 1898 with Kristina Eiriksdtr Ve. They had this place until 1920 when Norsk Hydro bought it. Tomas and Kristina had 10 children. Today the place no longer exist as the town village is here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Sylfest Nilson Ve 16/4-1856 age 22
Hermund Nilson Ve 23/4-1857 age 20
Kari Nilsdtr Ve 6/4-1869 age 22
Søren Dahl Nilson Ve 6/4-1869 age 19
Ole Nilson Ve 6/4-1869 age 17
Tomas Nilson Ve 16/4-1861 age 30
Marita Jonsdtr Ve 16/4-1861 age 29
Mari Tomasdtr Ve 16/4-1861 age 1
Erik Eirikson Ve 28/3-1885 age 19
Else Eiriksdtr Ve 4/5-1887 age 19