History: This is not a old place, the first we find here is Per Olson Mælheim. Per was born in 1809 and married in 1840 with Eli Knutsdtr Åbøle. Per died in 1899. They had 5 children. Their son Ola Person had this place after his parents. Ola Person was born in 1843 and married to Synneva Guldbrandsdtr Holsæter in 1869. Ola died in 1917 and Synneva in 1937. They had 5 children. After them the place has been empty

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Anders Person Åbøle 17/4-1872 age 22
Peder Olson Åbøle 1/11-1892 age 21
Guro Olsdtr Åbøle 15/4-1884 age 20