The first we know of here is Hermund Tomasson Øvstetun(Nørøyni). Hermund was born in 1780 and married in 1801 with Øllegård Torleivsdtr Hestetun. They had 7 children. Hermund died in 1826 and Øllegård in 1831. Their son Tomas then got this place. Tomas Hermundson was born in 1803 and married in 1834 with Anna Olsdtr Midtun. Tomas died in 1846. They had 2 children. At the same time we find Ola Arnfinnson Meælheim here. Ola was born in 1817 and married twice. His first wife was Inga Olsdtr Melheim. She died in 1845 and Ola married in 1882 with Ranveig Sjursdtr Hjelle. He had three children with his first wife, and one with the last. But Ola also had 5 children outside marriage with Inga Johannesdtr Volldal

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Erik Olson Hestetun 16/4-1861 age 21
Johannes Olson Hestetun 5/4-1870 age 22
Ola Olson Hestetun 8/4-1869 age 18
Andreas Olson Hestetun 29/4-1880 age 27
Peder Olson Hestetun 9/6-1898 age 16