History: Here we find 2 crofters at the same time in 1730. We have Nils, married to Berta, and Ola Anderson Øvstetun, married to Gro Olsdtr Ve. We know very little about Nils and Berta, but they had at least 5 children, amongst them Tomas. Tomas was born 1715 and died in 1740. He had one child, Alf born 1733. Nils was gone before 1744, and in his place we find Gro's brother Håvard. Ola Anderson was born in 1713 and married with Gro in 1730. They had 5 children. Håvard Olson Ve was born in 1718 and married in 1744 with Martha Andersdtr. They had 3 children. After those people Ola Olson Ve leased this place. Ola was born in 1775 and married in 1814 with Anna Sjursdtr Svalheim. They had 3 children, and their daughter Kirsti got this place. Ola died in 1841 and Anna in 1862. Kirsti Olsdtr was born in 1820 and married to Ola Olson Vetti in 1838. Ola was born in 1818. Ola and Kirsti had 11 children. After them their son Arnfinn got this place. Arnfinn was born in 1856 and married in 1882 with Anna Olsdtr Brekken. They had 9 children. In 1920 Norsk Hydro bought this place, and today the town village is here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ole Olson Ve 23/4-1857 age 18
Sjur Olson Ve 27/3-1862 age 20
Anna Olsdtr Ve 8/4-1869 age 21
Malena Olsdtr Ve 28/4-1896 age 38
Sjur Arnfinnson Ve 25/5-1907 age 18
Olaf Arnfinnson Ve 10/3-1925 age 26
Karl Arnfinnson Ve 1/5-1886 age 5