The first we know of here is Johannes Johanneson Volldal. Johannes was born in 1757. Johannes was married three times. First in 1783 with Ingeborg Tomasdtr Hestetun, then in 1789 with Anna Arnfinnsdtr Vetti, and in 1820 with Ragnhild Jørgensdtr Vetti. He had 2 children form his first marriage, three from the next and one in the last marriage. His son Tomas leased this place after him. Tomas was born in 1788 and married in 1818 with Anna Sjursdtr Hjelle. They had 5 children. In 1840 Johannes Hanson leased this place. Johannes was grandchild of the first Johannes , born in 1816, and married in 1840 with Rannei Olsdtr Lægreid. Johannes died in 1850, leaving behind his widow and 4 children. Ranveig had this place until 1856. Then Hermund Olson Hestetun leased this place. Hermund was born in 1819 and married in 1850 with Ranveig Jensdtr Eldegard. They had 5 children. Today this place no longer exist.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Hans Johanneson Øren 26/4-1870 age 30
Inga Olsdtr Øren 26/4-1870
Sigrid Ingasdtr Øren 26/4-1870 age 16
Brita Hansdtr Øren 26/4-1870 age 6
Johanne Hansdtr Øren 26/4-1870 age 2
Botolf Tomasson Øren 1855 age 25
Tomas Tomasson Øren 1855 age 28
Sjur Tomasson Øren 9/4-1867 age 45
Gjertrud Pedersdtr Øren 9/4-1867
Tomas Sjurson Øren 9/4-1867 age 2
Ole Hermundson Øren 23/5-1874 age 25
Else Sjursdtr Øren 23/5-1874 age 22
Sjur Hermundson Øren 18/4-1870 age 18
Jens Hermundson Øren 14/6-1875 age 20
Tollef Hermundson Øren 14/6-1875 age 17