The first we know of here is Sjur Larson Hæreid. Sjur was born in 1755 and married in 1792 with Barbra Åmundsdtr Midtun. Both their children died young. The next we find here is Jon Olson Holsæter. Jon was born in 1804 and married in 1832 with Malena Vilkensdtr Midtun. They had 7 children. Jon died in 1874. The next we know of here is Erik Pederson Øren. Erik was born in 1867 and married in 1888 with Malena Ovesdtr Øren. They had 12 children.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ida Eriksdtr Øren 29/10-1907 age 18
Britha Eriksdtr Øren 2/11-1908 age 17