Øvre Gjerde

The first we know of here is Sjur Anderson. He was married to Brita Tomasdtr Åbøle in 1740. Their son Ola got the place. Ola was born in 1756 and married in 1788 with Anna Nilsdtr Midtun. They had 9 children, amongst them Nils Olson who got the place after his parents. Nils Olson was born in 1790 and married to Sigrid Eyvindsdtr Hjelle in 1822. Nils died in 1866 and Sigrid in 1879. They had 7 children. Their son Eyvind Nilson then got the place. Eyvind was born in 1828 and married in 1857 to Synneva Gudbransdtr Åbøle. After here death he and the entire family emigrated to USA. The next user was Per Indrelid from Aurland. He was born in 1860 and married to Ingeborg Persdtr Hæreid. Their son Bertin bought this place in 1930. He was born in 1895 and married to Emma Jørgensdtr Avdal in 1928. Today their grandchild Johnny owns the place.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ranveig Nilsdtr Holsøter 29/3-1883 age 45
Nils Olson Holsæter 21/3-1883 age 25
Malena Anfinnsdtr Holsæter 21/3-1883
Nils Eyvindson Holsæter 29/4-1880 age 21
Guldbrand Eyvindson Holsæter 1882 age 21
Ole Eyvindson Holsæter 14/4-1883 age 20
Eyvind Eyvindson Holsæter 19/4-1884 age 18
Vilken Eyvindson Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 19
Kari Eyvindsdtr Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 16
Torleiv Eyvindson Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 14
Tomas Eyvindson Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 11
Synneva Eyvindsdtr Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 6
Eyvind Nilson Holsæter 3/5-1887 age 59