History: The first we know of here was Søren Hallvardson from Øvre Timbersletti.He was born 1817 and married to Randi Arnfinnsdtr from Teigen (Dalen) in 1843. Søren died in 1883.They had 6 children. Of those Gjertrud got the place. She was born 1852 and was married to Hallvard Olson Hjelle in 1875. They had 8 children

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Tomas Sørenson Svalheim 27/4-1876 (Single) age 21
Anna Olsdtr Svalheim 30/6-1892 (Mother) age 39
Rannei Anfinnsdtr Svalheim 30/6-1892 (daughter) age 15
Anna Oline Anfinnsdtr Svalheim 30/6-1892 (daughter) age 6
Martin Anfinnson Svalheim 30/6-1892 (Son) age 4
Halvor Pederson Svalheim (Hjelle) 5/11-1914(Father) age 62
Gjertrud Sørensdtr Svalheim 5/11-1914(Mother) age 62
Søren Halvorson Svalheim 10/3-1899 (Son) age 25
Ingeborg Hallvorsdtr Svalheim 28/7-1899 (Daughter) age 23
Peder Hallvorson Svalheim 18/4-1901 and 29/10-1907