There have been several homes here to, and the last to have this also took the name with him, so the last we speaks about here used this name when he lived at Farnes. The first we know of here was Tomas Olson, brother to the farmer at Øvstetun. Tomas was born in 1741 and married with Kari Andreasdtr Hartong in 1765. Her father was a german, working at the copper mill. Tomas and Kari had 10 children.Their son Andreas then leased this place. Andreas Tomasson was born in 1775 and married in 1799 with Katrina Ellingsdtr Lægreid. They had three children. Their son Tomas then got this place. Tomas Andreason was born in 1806 and married in 1836 with Gro Sjursdtr Øvstetun. They had three children. After them we find Per Person Melheim here. Peder was born in 1836 and married in 1860 with Gjertrud Jonsdtr Øvstetun. They had 5 children. It was Peder who took the name with him when he moved.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :

Jon Pederson Øvstetun 26/4-1892 age 27

This is my Great-Grandfather, so if you have any information,please send me a letter !!

Brita Anfinnsdtr Øvstetun 25/4-1892 age 29
Jørgine Jonsdtr Øvstetun 25/4-1892 age 5
Ingeborg Jonsdtr Øvstetun 25/4-1892 age 3
Stine Oline Øvstetun 25/4-1892 age 1

Tomas Tomasson Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 26
Brita Andersdtr Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 26
Andreas Tomasson Øvstetun 17/4-1884 age 47
Inga Botolfsdtr Øvstetun 17/4-1884 age 52
Tomas Andreason Øvstetun 17/4-1884 age 16
Ander Andreason Øvstetun 17/4-1884 age13
Brita Andreasdtr Øvstetun 17/4-1884 age 9
Sjur Andreason Øvstetun 1882 age 17