History: This is probably one of the oldest crofter places on Farnes, the first we know of is "Mikkel by Naustet", mentioned in 1714. Later we find Anders Olson Gald here. Anders married in 1730 with Synneva Olsdtr Ve. Anders and Synneva had 5 children. Anders died in 1742, his widow married again with Ola Jacobsen and they had this place until Ola died in 1783. After them we find Nils Paulson Holmestad here. Nils was born in Luster, and married to Martha Olsdtr Ottum. They had 6 children. Nils died in 1805. The new user was Ola Johanneson Midtun. Ola was born in 1780 and married to Gjørond Monsdtr Nundal in 1803. Ola died already in 1810. He and Gjørond had three children. His widow married again in 1813 with David Hanson Ve. They had three children, amongst them Ola Davidson Ve who had Davehaugen and was grandfather to Jens Davidson. David died in 1817, he was killed by a falling stone. His wife died in 1864. After David we find Jan Tomasson Ve here. Jan was from the main farm and born in 1794. He married in 1825 with Kirsti Tomasdtr Lægreid. They had 4 children. Kirsti died in 1864 and Jan in 1882. the next to have this place was Gudbrand Toreson Geithus. Gudbrand was born 1837 and married to Malena Jørgensdtr Vetti in 1864. They had this place until 1920 when Norsk Hydro bought it for use as a harbour. Gudbrand died in 1929.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Gjørond Johannesdtr Ve 1856 age 21
Margrete Johannesdtr Ve 1861 age 24
Ola Johanneson Ve 1870 age 19
Kari Toresdtr Ve 1870 age 17
Mari Olsdtr Ve 1870 age 1
Jørgen Guldbrandson Ve 28/3-1893-1890 age 23
Rannei Guldbrandsdtr Ve 4/7-1890 age 25
Teodor Guldbrandson Ve 28/3-1893 age 21
Søren Guldbrandson Ve 1899 age 21