History: The first we know of here is Helge Knutson Øren. Helge was born in 1792 and married in 1821 with Gurid Torgeirsdtr Sæbøe.They had 6 children. Helge died in 1832 and Gurid married again with Hermund Sjurson Holsæter . She and Hermund had two children. Tomas Olson Hjelle lived here for a while, before he emigrated to USA. Tomas was born in 1846 and married with Kari Bårdsdtr Tangen in 1870. They had 5 children. Anders Olson Nundal build a home here when he married, and his grandchild still lives here today. Anders Olson was born in 1879 and married in 1898 with Olina Hermundsdtr Midtun . Anders and Olina had 8 children.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Tomas Olson Ve 27/4-1893 age 47
Kari Bårdstr Ve 27/4-1893 age 53
Ella Tomasdtr Ve 27/4-1893 age 18
Tomas Tomasson Ve 27/4-1893 age 15
Søren Tomasson Ve 27/4-1893 age 13
Ole Tomasson Ve 28/4-1892 age 20
Oline Håvardsdtr Ve 28/4-1892 age 26
Tomas Olson Ve 28/4-1892 age 1