The name was written Moe in 1666 and 1723. This is one of the youngest farms in Årdal. The first time we se it mentions is in 1611. The first user we know of is Knut. He was here from 1611 to 1634. Then we find Mogens here until 1641. The next here is Jacob. He is mention 1641 and had this farm until at least 1683. In 1701 is the user Ola Erikson Svalheim. Ola died in 1729. The next is his son Eirik. Eirik Olson was born in 1673 and married in 1690-1695 with Elisabeth Tomasdtr Øvstetun. She died in 1730, 60 years old. Erik married again in 1732 with Orlaug Berntsdtr. Eirik son from the first marriage, Einar then got this farm. Einar was born in 1703 and married in 1730 with Kirsti Olsdtr Lægreid. He got this farm in 1743. He and Kirsti had 8 children. Einar died in 1785 and Kirsti in 1804. Their son Ola Einarson then got this farm. Ola was born in 1736 and married in 1765 with Gro Tomasdtr Ve. She died in 1766 and Ola married again with Synneva Johannesdtr. He and Synneva had 5 children. Their son Eirik got this farm in 1800 when his father died. Eirik Olson was born in 1770 and married in 1798 with Sigrid Torsteinsdtr Hjelle. They had 2 children. Eirik died in 1829. Their son Ola Erikson then got this farm. Ola was born in 1815 and married in 1835 with Malena Olsdtr Svalheim. Ola died in 1842 and his son Eirik then got this farm. Eirik Olson was born in 1836 and married in 1860 with Brita Ivarsdtr Offerdal. They had 6 daughters and Malena; the oldest then got this farm. Malena was born in 1860 and married in 1880 with Per Sylfestson Øvstetun. Their son Nils Person then got this farm. Nils was born in 1888 and married in 1907 with Severina Tomasdtr Midtun. They had 4 children and today their grandson Nils Eirik owns this farm and lives here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :