The first we know of here is Ola Anderson. Ola was born in 1775 and married in 1796 with Kari Olsdtr Offerdal. They had 6 children. Later Sjur Nilson Øvre-Gjerde also lived here. He was born in 1834 and married with Kirsti Hallvardsdtr Svalheim in 1858. They had 8 children.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Sjur Nilson Moen 18/4-1883 age 50
Kirsti Hallvardsdtr Svalheim 18/4-1883 age 56
Sigrid Sjursdtr Moen 18/4-1883 age 27
Nils Sjursson Moen 8/5-1882 age 20
Sjur Sjurson Moen 18/4-1883 age 17
Olina Sjursdtr Moen 18/4-1883 age 14