History: The name was written Mælhalhæimar in 1309, Mælhalheimir in 1427, Medalheimer in 1490, Mellumb 1666, Mellum in 1723. The name means "the farm in the middle". This farm is mention in a letter from 1309 when Audun Gutormson and his wife Ingebjørg sold a part to Sira Einar of Munkeliv Closter. It was meant as the price of a wedding, and Audun should have the right to bay it back after 8 years. This never happened and it belonged to Munkeliv until 1666 when Christoffer Giertsen of Hovland bought it. Th first user we know of is Oluf in 1601. Then in 1612 we find a Henrik here and he stayed until 1654. Then we find Ola here. He died in 1660 and had a widow, and a son Anders. His widow married again with a Simon, and he had the farm until 1680. The a Nils showed up, but we know very little about him. After him we find Ola Jacobsen, born ca 1650. He was here until 1712. In 1702 the owner of the farm, Øllegård Hovland had sold to Erik Moen, so after Ola died in 1712 we find Erik as the new user. Then his son Endre had it, he gave it to his son in Ola Endreson in 1764. In 1780 Ola and his father changed farm's, so Ola had Moen and his father got Melheim again. Endre then change again with Jon Rasmusson Åbøle and got a farm in Midtun. Jon Rasmusson gave half the farm to his son Ola who later got the whole farm. Ola Jonson was born in 1767 and married to Brita Einarsdtr Moen in 1783. He was 16 years old and she was 41 !. They had no children. Brita died in 1830 and Ola in 1855. In 1825 Ola sold to Ola Person Øvstetun. Ola was born in 1774 and married to Kristi Eriksdtr Svalheim in 1803. They had 5 children. Ola died in 1837 and Kristi in 1829. Their son Eirik Olson got the farm. Eirik was born in 1806 and married to Marita Tomasdtr Brekken in 1829. She died in 1862. They had two children and Ola got the farm. Ola Erikson was born in 1835 and married in 1861 to Brita Madsdtr Moen. Ola got the farm in 1858 and had it until 1872, when he sold to his 1st cousin Arnfinn. Ola and Brita had 5 children. The new owner was now Arnfinn Hermundson Melheim. He sold it after one year to Tomas Holsæter. He was from the farm, but had have a farm in Luster which he no sold and moved back here. Tomas was bor in 1821 and married to Kirsti Eriksdtr Melheim in 1852. They had this farm from 1872 until 1882, when their son Henrik got it. Tomas and Kirsti had 6 children. Tomas died in 1896. henrik was born in 1861 and married to Kirsti Hermundsdtr Mælheim in 1882. They had 5 children. Henrik died in 1913. His son Ola first had the farm, but after two years he gave it to his brother Hermann. Hermann Henrikson was born in 189 and married to Johanna Trondsdtr Nundal in 1920. Today their grand-daughter Berit Johanne and here husband Sturla Nordhus has the farm.
Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ludvik Tomason Mælheim 3/5-1892 age 40
Anna Anfinnsdtr Mælheim 3/5-1892
Marte Kristine Ludviksdtr Mælheim 3/5-1892 age 6
Anfinn Ludvikson Mælheim 3/5-1892 age 5
Ingeborg Ludviksdtr Mælheim 3/5-1892 age 1
Brita Helene Tomasdtr Mælheim 12/4-1885 age 20
Ola Erikson Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 37
Brita Madsdtr Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 32
Erik Olson Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 11
Synneva Erkisdtr Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 9
Marita Olsdtr Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 7
Anna Olsdtr Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 5
Oline Olsdtr Mælheim 10/4-1872 age 1
Anfinn Hermundson Mælheim 27/5-1896 age 51
Kirsti Olsdtr Mælheim 27/5-1896 age 35