The first we know about is Ola Tomasson Voldal, born 1796. His father was from Vetti, and his wife was likewise. She was named Gjertrud Jørgensdtr. and was married to Ola in 1823. The place they had was Lauvhaugen. Ola and Gjertrud had only 1 child, son Tomas. He was born 1826 and married in 1849 to Susanna Nilsdtr. Ve (Hagen), Tomas fared badly and died in Stegabergi in 1855, and the widow and their 2 children,, Ola and Nils,, went to America in 1863. After this came another Vetti man-to the place. It was Ola Jørgenson Vetti. He was born in 1845 and married in 1870 to Mareta Toresdtr. Geithus. She died on the place, and the man went to America with the children Tomas and Severina. Jørgen, Ola, Jon, and Ingeborg had gone before. There were these siblings in the district: Tore married to Mareta Persdtr. From Nørøyni; and Rannveig married to Anders Torson from Ekra. They lived on Naustehaugen.
After Ola Jørgenson came Per Olson Hjelle to Lauvhaugen. He was born in 1876 and was married to Severina Eilevsdtr. Kinsedal. they had 7 children, and Olai got the place.He was the last to live here, and after his death this place has been empty

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Susanne Tomasdtr Vetti 8/4-1869 age 40
Ola Tomason Vetti 8/4-1869 age 18
Nils Tomason Vetti 8/4-1869 age 15
Jørgen Olson Vetti 7/4-1893 age 22
Ola Martinius Olson Vetti 22/5-1900 age 26
Ingeborg Olsdtr Vetti 26/10-1900 age 23
Tomas Olson Vetti 7/8-1915 age 32
Severine Olsdtr Vetti 7/8-1915 age 26
Ola Jørgenson Vetti 7/8-1915 age 70