The first we know of here is Sjur Olson Moen. Sjur was born in 1778 and married in 1812 with Anna Madsdtr Åbøle. They had 2 children. Their daughter Synneva then leased this place. She was born in 1817 and married in 1839 with Mads Matiasson Midtun. They had 6 children. After them we find Ola Anderson Prestteigen here. Ola was born in 1833 and married in 1863 with Anna Olsdtr Hæreid. They had 5 children, and their daughter, Anna, then got this place. Anna was born in 1877 and married in 1895 with Tore Helgeson Ve. They had 9 children. They where the last to leased this place as a crofter plcae. Today a grandchild of them lives here on the place.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Mads Matiason Moen 8/4-1869 age 53
Synneva Sjursdtr Moen 8/4-1869 age 52
Tomas Madson Moen 8/4-1869 age 15
Anna Madsdtr Moen 16/4-1866 age 19
Ole Olson Moen 25/4-1895 age 21
Ole Olson Moen 2/5-1883 age 43
Anna Tomasdtr Moen 2/5-1883 age 40
Ole Olson Moen 2/5-1883 age 18
Tomas Olson Moen 2/5-1883 age 15
Wilken Olson Moen 2/5-1883 age 13
Erik Olson Moen 2/5-1883 age 11
Anders Olson Moen 1/4-1885 age 21
Oline Olsdtr Moen 27/4-1896 age 17