The crofter place

History: As the name indicate this is a old place. Still, the first we know of here is Ola Anfinnson Vetti. He was born in 1766 and married in 1790 with Marita Pedersdtr Prestteigen (Øren). They had 10 children, and Arnfinn, the oldest got the place after his parents in 1829. Ola died in 1826, and Marita in 1860. Arnfinn Olson was born in 1790 and married in 1817 with Kari Olsdtr Hestetun. They had 11 children. After Arnfinn we find Erik Olson Hestetun here. Erik was born 1827 and married in 1863 with Anna Tomasdtr Midtun. They had 10 children. Erik and his wife was the last people here. In 1902 they emigrated to USA, probably to one of their children.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Erik Olson Mæleheim 16/4-1861 age 21
Johannes Olson Mælheim 5/4-1870 age 22
Ola Olson Mælheim 8/4-1869 age 18
Andreas Olson Mælheim 29/4-1880 age 27
Peder Olson Mælheim 9/6-1898 age 16
Tollef Person Mælheim 14/4-1868 age 17
Erik Olson Mælheim 13/10-1902 age 75
Anna Tomasdtr Mælheim 13/10-1902 age 60
Tomas Erikson Mælheim 3/9-1897 age 23
Einar Erikson Mælheim 3/5-1902 age 22
Martin Erikson Mælheim 9/5-1900 age 18
Brita Eriksdtr Mælheim 1885 age 20
Ola Erikson Mælheim 1889 age 22