Heimre Resaland

History: The first we know of here is Ola Guldbrandson Ve. Ola was born 1800 and married to Ragnhild Ve in 1825. Ola and Ragnhild had 7 children, their daughter Gjørond got this place. Gjørond was born in 1826 and married in 1850 with Ola Toreson Øren. They had 13 children. Their son Jørgen Olson got this place after his parents. Jørgen Olson was born in 1870 and married in 1893 with Gurine Jensdtr Lægreid. They were the last to have this place, it was destroyed during the Second world war when the german invaders build a aluminium factory here. Jørgen and Gurina had 11 children

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Tore Olson Ve 16/4-1872 age 20
Anders Olson Ve 2/5-1882 age 28
Sigrid Olsdtr Ve 2/5-1882 age 26
Ole Anderson Ve 2/5-1882 age 3
Nils Anderson Ve 2/5-1882 age 1
Guldbrand Olson Ve 5/5-1886 age 29
Kari Olsdtr Ve 5/5-1886 age 26
Jørgine Guldbrandsdtr Ve 5/5-1886 age 2
Anfinn Olson Ve 8/5-1883 age 18