History: The name was written Hoellseter 1611, Hoelseter 1666, and Holsetter 1723. In 1630 the priest in Leikanger was the owner of the farm, and after his dead his widow married to Erik Nordal. His son Iver Erikson Leganger the sold this farm to the user who became the first self-owner here. Since then the users have owned this. The first we know of here is Einar Guttormson early in 1600. In 1640 a Knut was here with a son Einar. Knut died around 1665 and his widow is here in 1666. Next here is Jon Endreson Åbøle. He was born in 1645 and married to Brita Eriksdtr. He is the one who bought the farm in 1676. Jon died in 1734. Jon and his wife had 7 children, and Endre Jonson got the farm. Endre was born in 1694 and married in 1723 with Anna Olsdtr Lægreid. Endre died in 1739. He and Anna had 5 Children. Their son Ludvik got the farm. Ludvik Endreson was born in 1728 and married in 1761 with Kari Jansdtr Mathisen. They had 7 children. Ludvik got the half of the farm in 1761 and in 1773 he got the other half. Ludvik died in 1785. His daughter Anna, born 1762 then got the farm. Anna was married in 1785 with Nils Larson Geithus. Nils was born in 1748. They had 7 children, and in 1811 Nils gave the farm to Ludvik Nilson, his son. Ludvik was at that time 16 years, born in 1794. Nils died in 1827, his wife in 1820. Ludvik Nilson married in 1817 with Kari Tomasdtr Ve. They had 12 children, but only 5 grew up. Ludvik died in 1871 and Kari in 1874.They had three children. His son Nils Ludvikson got the farm. Nils was born 1819 and married in 1838 with Synneva Tomasdtr Lægreid. They had this farm from 1837 till 1869. Nils died in 1876, and his son Ludvik got the farm. Ludvik Nilson was born in 1838 and married in 1870 with Kristine Jansdtr Hovland. They had 4 children. In 1877 he sold the farm to Eilev Ytri from Luster Co, and he and his family moved to eastern Norway, to Toten 6/6-1878. Eilev Ytri did not have the farm very long, because Tomas Nilson, Ludviks brother used "the Odelslaw" and got back the farm. He then gave it to his son Vilhelm Tomason who became the new owner. Vilhelm was born in 1886 and married to Mari Tomasdtr Ve in 1919. His son Tormod, born 1921 now owns the farm and lives here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :