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  1. Br.2 : Endregarden
  2. Br.3 : Håvardsgarden
  3. Br.4 : Skåri

Br. 1

History : In 1522 the three main farms at Farnes was called Østenwun, Mittwun and Fremstewun. This tells us how this farms lays. One in east, one in the middle, and one as the first you meet. The name Fremstetun has changed to hestetun, Horsetun. this also tells us what they have used this farm for, a place they kept their horses. The first owner we know of is Morten Lauritzen Ambla. He was married with Mette Holst. His daughter Øllegård, married to Peder Jensen Klingenberg then had this farm. In 1694 Øllegård was widow and and sold to her son Erik Klingenberg. Erik changed with his brother-in-law Nils Eide, who became the new owner. In 1718 Nils sold to Tomas Seim, and he sold in 1724 to Jon Øren. In 1729 this was sold to Hans This Nagel. And finally he sold in 1742 to the user at that time Ola Torleivson Hestetun, which became the first self-owner.
Now lets start with the users: In 1522 we know of "Tore på Fremstetun". In 1550 we find Bjørn her, and he had the farm till 1602. In 1603 his widow is here, and she had it to 1607. Here name was probably Ingebjørg. In 1611 we find Eirik here. he used it till 1616. In 1617 we find lauritz here, he is here till 1635. From no on there is two separate parts here, Br.1 and Br.3. later on br.1 split into two parts so we got br.2 here. And on part in the Utladal Valley was called Br.4. We continue with Br.1. After Lars we find a Botolf here,from 1635. In 1641 there is on Ola here, until 1650. Then we find Løen here. Løen is a strange name, and we know of no one with this name in Årdal, so he is probably from Valdres. His wife was Karen. Løen killed his neigbourgh, Guldbrand at Br.2 and had to leave. This was 1665. in 1666 we find Tomas Kristofferson here, married to Guldbrand's widow. Tomas was born ca 1636 and died in 1693. He had no children. Then we find Hans Guldbrandson Bratt here. His wife was Rannei Johannesdtr. Hans died in 1710. his widow married again with Lars Tomasson Hæreid. He had this farm until 1724, but when the owner at that time Tomas Seim sold this farm till Jon Øyri, Lars had to leave. The new user was Kristoffer Årebru. He was married with Inga Tomasdtr Øvstetun. Inga died in 1739 and Kristoffer in 1751. A new user came on. This was Ola Torleivson Hestetun. He bought the farm from Hans This Nagel in 1742 for 290 Rdl. Ola was born 1716 and married in 1741 with Marita Olsdtr . Ola sold half of the farm in 1749, to Vilken Person Rønnei. What he bought is called Br.2. Ola died in 1753. He had 4 children. His son Torleiv Olson got the farm. Torleiv was born in 1744 and married in 1765 with Synneva Andersdtr Gald. She died after two years so Torleiv married again with Margrete Ovesdtr Øye. She died in 1780, and his third wife was Malena Vilkensdtr Hestetun. Torleiv had 6 children with the second wife , and 5 with the last. Torleiv died in 1816 and Malena in 1833. In 1810 he had given the farm to his son Ola. Ola Torleivson was born in 1778, and married with Malena Pedersdtr Øvstetun in 1801. They had the farm until 1831. Then their son Torleiv got it. Ola and Malena had 6 children. Ola died in 1845 and Malena 1859. Torleiv Olson was born in 1802 amd married with Inga Jensdtr Seim in 1829. Torleiv drowned in an axident in 1845, lefting his wife and 4 children behind him. His widow married Vilken Vilkenson Hæreid, and they had the farm until Torleivs son Ola married in 1864. Ola Torleivson was born in 1843 and married to Barbara Pedersdtr Klingenberg from Lærdal. Ola died in 1929. In 1901 their son Per Klingenberg Hestetun got the farm. Per Olson was born in 1877 and married in 1903 with Øllegård Hansdtr Døsen. Per died in an axident in 1928, and his son Olav Person got the farm. Today his grandchild Per has the farm.

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