Picture owner Jenny Osland

Heimre Bakken

The first we know of here is Torleiv Tomasson from the Daley. Torleiv was born in 1795 and married in 1816 with Synneve Sjursdtr Øren. They had 9 children. Torleiv died in 1867, Synneva in 1861. Their son Sjur then got this place. Sjur Torleivson was born in 1831 and married in 1859 with Anna Olsdtr Holsæter. They had 8 children. Anna died in 1877 and Sjur then emigrated to USA with youngest children. After him Per Olson Midtun leased this place. Per was born in 1857 and married with Ingrid Olsdtr Hjelle in 1881. They had 10 children. Peder died in 1928. After them their son Anton Pederson had this place. Today two of his grandchildren lives here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Mari Sjursdtr Hestetun 1882 age 23
Tomas Sjurson Hestetun
Sjur Tolleivson Hestetun 30/4-1886 age 45
Oline Sjursdtr Hestetun 30/4-1886 age 18
Johannes Sjurson Hestetun 30/4-1886 age 17
Brita Sjursdtr Hestetun 30/4-1886 age 15