History: The first we find here is Ove Torleivson Hestetun. Ove was born in 1780 and married in 1823 with Synneva Olsdtr Åbøle, born 1790. They had 4 children, and Torleiv got this place after his parents. Ove died in 1864 and Synneva in 1871. Torleiv Oveson was born 1824 and married in 1856 with Kristi Hermundsdtr Kinserdal. They had 4 children, amongst them Ola Torleivson who got Br.2

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Sigrid Olsdtr Åbøle 14/4-1883 age 27
Synneva Olsdtr Åbøle 14/4-1883 age 25
Ove Olson Åbøle 14/4-1883 age 23
Ola Olson Åbøle 1882 age 19
Erik Olson Åbøle 17/4-1884 age 16
Tomas Olson Åbøle 30/4-1886 age 16