There were several homes here, so let's start with them.The oldest place we know of is where Sjur Tomasson Seim lived. Sjur was born in 1764 and was married in 1792 with Brita Hermundsdtr Hestetun. They had several children, but only 3 lived up.Two of them Tomas and Anders both had their home here. Probably it was Anders who got his fathers place. Anders Sjurson was born in 1813 and married in 1841 with Magdalena Matiasdtr Midtun. At the same time, his brother Tomas lived near by. Tomas Sjurson was born in 1810 and was married with Mar Olsdtr Hjelle. They had 7 children.
Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Sjur Tomasson Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 28
Margreta Sjursdtr Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 21
Synneva Sjursdtr Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 18
Mari Sjursdtr Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 15
Sjur Anderson Øvstetun 8/4-1869 age 20
Ingeborg Andersdtr Øvstetun 26/5-1874 age
Brita Tomasdtr Øvstetun 26/5-1874 age 5
Mattias Anderson Øvstetun 11/4-1872 age 18
Anders Sjurson Øvstetun 26/5-1874 age 61
Magdalena Matiasdtr Øvstetun 26/5-1874 age 54