History: The first we know of here is Ola Davidson Ve. Ola was born in 1669 and married with Anna Jacobsdtr. They had two children David and Jacob. Anna was born in 1670 and died in 1721. Ola then married Lisbet Olsdtr. They had no children. Ola died in 1731. After Ola his son David Olson got the place.David Olson was born in 1744 and first married Anna Olsdtr, and had two children with here. Tomas Davidson and Ola Davidson . He than married with Anna Tomasdtr, and got a daughter Anna Davidsdtr. His son Tomas married in 1769 with Sigrid Olsdtr and had 4 children, Gjertrud Tomasdtr, David Tomasson, Maren Tomasdtr and Ola Tomasson. After David we find a new user her, Knut Larson. Knut was born in 1739, and married in 1777 with Guri Pedersdtr Øvstetun. They had 5 children. Knut died in 1791. Then Tore Guldbrandson Åbøle got this place. Tore was born in 1759 and married in 1790 with Anna Gudbrandsdtr. They had two children. Tore died in 1792, and Anna married with Guldbrand Olson. He was born in 1748. He and Anna had 6 children. Gudbrand died in 1832. His son Tore then leased this place. Tore Gudbrandson was born in 1793 and married with Rannei Helgesdtr Øren in 1825. They had 10 children. Tore died in 1875. His son Helge got the place. Helge Toreson was born in 1834 and married in 1863 with Kari Olsdtr Reseland (Ve) .They had 6 children. Helge died in 1875, and his widow married again in 1889 with Jens Kristofferson Lægreid. They had no children, but Jens had 7 children from his earlyer marriage, and his daughter Brita got the place . Brita was born in 1880. Today no one lives here, but her grandchildren owns the place.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Lasse Gulbrandson Ve 4/4-1853 age 47
Malena Gudbrandsdtr Åbøle 4/4-1853 age 35
Guldbrand Lasseson Ve 4/4-1853 age 6
Margrete Lassedtr Ve 4/4-1853 age 4
Anna Lassedtr Ve 4/4-1853 age 3
Kari Lassedtr Ve 4/4-1853 age 2
Ragnhild Helgesdtr Ve 27/4-1896 age 26
Ole Helgeson Ve 7/6-1894 age 22