Framre Resaland

History: This place was build by Johannes Olson Ve. Johannes was born in 1808 and married in 1834 with Mari Ågrimsdtr Prestgarden. She died in 1875 and Johannes married again with Kari Andersdtr Øren in 1881. Johannes had 9 children with his first wife, the most of the family emigrated to USA. The last we find here is Peder Olson from Fremre Resaland. Peder was born in 1862 and married Brita Tomasdtr Øren in 1882. They had 7 children. The place was destroyed during the Second world war by the german invaders, when they build a aluminium factory here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Gjørond Johannesdtr Ve 1856 age 21
Margrete Johannesdtr Ve 1861 age 24
Ola Johanneson Ve 1870 age 19
Kari Toresdtr Ve 1870 Mari Olsdtr Ve 1870 age 1