History: The first we know of that lived here was Ola Jørgenson Vetti, a war-veteran from the nordic war 1807-1814. He was born 1781 and died 1871. in 1817 he was married to Synneva Toresdtr Geithus. They had two children, Malena who married Guldbrand Olson Ve and Tore who got the place. Tore Olson was born 1822 and died 1869. He was married in 1850 with Kari Jørgensdtr Vetti and had 7 children. After those Jørgen Anfinnson Vetti lived here for 18 years,before he got the main farm.He gave the place to his brother in 1901 Søren Anfinnson Vetti. He was born in 1875 and married Mari Tomasdtr Midtun. The the place got under the farm again and Kari Solveig Vetti married to Erik Ingebriktson got the place. They were the last people that lived here, til 1985.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ingeborg Toresdtr Vetti 29/4-1880 age 23
Oline Toresdtr Vetti 9/5-1889 (Mother to the next) age 29
Synneva Olinesdtr Vetti 9/5-1889 (Child) age 1
Malena Toresdtr Vetti 31/3-1881 age 16