Framre Hjelle
The first we know here is Tomas Olson. He was from Øvre Gjerde, Holsæter. He was born in 1788 and married to Anna Eyvindsdtr Hjelle in 1811. Tomas died in 1865 and Anna in 1866. They had 7 children. Their oldest son Ola got the place after his parents. Ola Tomasson was born in 1811 and married in 1837 to Eli Torbjørnsdtr Hestetun. She was from Luster County and born 1812. They had 8 children. After them Ola Person Øygarden leased this place. He was born in 1848 and married in 1873, with the widow Margrete Hallvardsdtr Svalheim. She was born in 1838. They had 4 children, of which their son Einar got the place. He was born in 1874 and married to Ragnhild Anfinnsdtr Øren in 1895. After they died their son Anfinn had the place. He is dead and the place is empty.
Known persons from this place who emigrated to USA: