Framre Bakken

The first we know of here is Anders Sjurson Holsæter. Anders was born in 1751 and married in 1779 with Guro Olsdtr Øvstetun. Anders died in 1830, Guro in 1815. They had three children. Ola, their son then got this place. Ola Anderson was born in 1792 and married in 1816 with Kari Andersdtr Hestetun. They lived here until 1830 when they moved to Kvile,Avdal. The reason for this was on of the daughters from the main farm was getting married and needed the place. This was Brita Sylfestdtr Øvstetun. Brita was born in 1805 and married in 1827 with Johannes Anderson Nundal. Johannes was born in 1798 and died in 1840. Brita then married Nils Sjurson Svalheim the same year. Nils died in 1844 and Brita had this place as a widow until 1870 when she married Anders Sjurson Øren and moved with him.Her son from the first marriage then got this place. Anders Johanneson was born in 1829 and married in 1863 with Sigrid Olsdtr Midtun. She died in 1880 and Anders then married with Anna Ulriksdtr Lægreid. They had 8 children and where the last to have this as a crofter place.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Johannes Nilson Øvstetun 12/1-1868 age 25
Johannes Anderson Øvstetun 14/4-1883 age 21
Ole Anderson Øvstetun 23/4-1884 age 20
Brita Andersdtr Øvstetun 20/5-1887 age 19
Nils Anderson Øvstetun 17/4-1890 age 18
Ingeborg Andrine Andersdtr Øvstetun 19/6-1891
Anders Anderson Øvstetun 25/5-1900 age 19