History: The first we know of here is Ola Davidsen Ve from Nausteplassen. Ola Davidsen was born 1814 and married to Ingeborg Jensdtr Lægreid in 1840. They had 4 children. In 1872, Ola and Ingeborg emigrated to USA with their son Jens Davidsen. Jens was born 1854 and in 1904, Jens was elected as Governor in Wisconsin. He was reelected in 1908. The next user here was Ola Tomasson Hestetun (Dalen). Ola was born in 1840, and married with Marita Olsdtr Hestetun in 1874. They had no children. Ola died in 1920. The place was destroyed during the Second World War when the Germans invaders build an aluminum factory here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Ola Davidsen Ve 1872 age 58
Ingeborg Jensdtr Ve 1872 age 54
Jens Davidson Ve 1872 age 18
Hans Davidson Ve 1881 age 28
Ingeborg Jørgensdtr Ve 1881 age 30
Ole Johan Hanson Ve 1881 age 8
Jørgen Hanson Ve 1881 age 5
Hans Hanson Ve 1881 age 3
Ingeborg Hansdtr Ve 1881 age 1
Gjørond Olsdtr Ve 1866 age 18
Ragnhild Olsdtr Ve 1871 age 20