The first we know of here is Ola Olson Ve. He was born in 1811 and married in 1853 with Kari Helgesdtr Øren. They had 10 children, but only 4 lived up. At the same time another family lived here. This was Tomas Torleivson Hestetun and his wife Gjørond Sylfestdtr Øvstetun. Torleiv was born in 1792 and married in 1815. They had 9 children.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Torleiv Torleivson Øvstetun 19/4-1854 age 30
Nils Torleivson Øvstetun 19/4-1854 age 22
Gjørond Torleivsdtr Øvstetun 14/4-1855 age 20
Marita Torleivsdtr Øvstetun 21/4-1854 age 17
Malena Olsdtr Øvstetun 15/4-1873 age 37
Sjur Anfinnson Øvstetun 15/4-1873 age 13
Ola Olson Øvstetun 8/4-1873 age 21
Helge Olson Øvstetun 8/4-1873 age 18