History: The name was written Affedal in 1598, Affuedal 1603, Affdal 1666, and Afdahlen 1723. The name is simply enough, meaning a farm far away from people. The first owners we know of is from Luster County, probably they used it as a mountain pasture. In 1645 we find Johannes Fortun as the owner, but he sold in 1680 to his son Søren Johanneson and he sold to Søren Jenson and he sold to his son in-law Dominikus Nagel at Årdalstangen. His widow, Maren Ørbech then sold to the user at that time Knut Holsæter. The first user we find here is "Kjell in Affedal" mentioned in 1598. In 1603 we find Knut as a new user. He was here until 1641. Then there is a new user with the funny name Segl. He was said to be born 1607. He had the farm for nearly 30 years. We know of at least three children after Segl. Roland Seglson, his son became the new user. He was born 1645 and got the farm in 1670. He used it to 1695, and we later find him under the Hestetun farm, on a small place. His daughter Marita married to Tomas Torsteinson and they were the new users. Tomas was born 1650 and died in 1704. Marita's sister Ingeborg then got the farm. She was married to Gulbrand Jacobsen. Gulbrand died in 1722, and none of his children wanted the farm. So a new user showed up, Knut Holsæter, and he bought the farm in 1723 and became the first self-owner. Knut was born 1688 and died in 1772. He was married to Kari Jonsdtr Holsæter, born 1685 and died 1768. Their son Ola Knutson got the farm, born 1711 and married to Kirsti Johannesdtr Berge from Luster County. Kirsti was born 1707 and died 1780. Ola died in 1781. Ola tried for a long time to switch farm with anyone, and in 1763 he succeeded. Adam Reutz who owned bruk 2 at the Lægreid farm . Adam as the new owner then sold to Jon Rasmussen Åbøle in 1763, but he sold again in 1764 to Botolf Arnfinnson Vetti. Botolf was born in 1726 and married in 1754 to Eli Olsdtr Nundalen. They had 10 children and of those, their daughter Ingrid got the farm. She married in 1792 to Henrik Tomason Brekken, born in 1761. They had no child so they sold it in 1823 to Ola Olson Prestgarden. He was married to Ingrid's sister Marta Botolfsdtr in 1822. But neither they had children so they sold in 1835 to Ola Sylfestson Øvstetun. He was born in 1802 and married in 1833 to Anna Eriksdtr Moen. They had the farm until 1861 when they gave it to their son Sylfest Olson. Ola died in 1868. Sylfest was born in 1837 and married to Mari Tomasdtr Optun. They had the farm until 1893 when they gave it to their son Ola Sylfestson. Ola was married to Margrete Jørgensdtr Hagaberg, and in 1922 they sold to their sister in-law, Per Berntson Volldal, married to Kari Jørgensdtr Hagaberg. The farm was in use to 1959, but is still owned by Per Avdal. The farm has been rebuild and is now used as a tourist station in summer, and has became a much popular goal for the local population and to mountain hikers.