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Åbøle, br.1

The name was Åbølle in 1603, Åbølle in 1611, and Åbølle 1666 and 1723. The first we hear of here is Knut in 1603. In 1611 there is Håvard, and in 1616 Atle. From 1620-1630, there is Steinar here. After him, we find Johannes. He was here until 1654. Then in 1655 until 1684 we find Endre Atleson here. He was born in 1620 and might well be son of the Atle mentioned above. In 1666 he had 5 children, amongst them Jon who later got Holsæter. After him, we had a period with different users but none of them stayed very long. Then there was a time with two users' here. First, we find Ola and Håvard here, from 1685 until 1690. Then we find Per and Håvard until 1700. Then we find Rasmus Knutson here, and he was alone until 1706 .In 1706 half the farm became own part under the name of Haug, where we find Tomas Olson. On this part, we first find Erik Anderson. Erik married in 1718 with Gjertrud Knutsdtr. They had two children, but from 1741, we do not see anything of them here.
After Erik, we find Per Torkjellson, probably from Luster. After him, we find Bjørn Bjørnson Flattun from Gaupne. He married Brita Ingebriktsdtr Åbøle. He disappears and his wife gave the farm to Tomas Knutson Avdal. Tomas was married with Agathe Eriksdtr Prestgarden, and they had the farm until 1766. The owner was at this time Jon Rasmusson from part two, and in 1768, he sold this farm to Knut Madson Hjelle. Knut was born in 1712 and married with Ingeborg Hallsteinsdtr. They had this farm until 1780, when their son Mads got it. Mads Knutson was born in 1740 and married with Elen Vilkensdtr Rønnei in 1780. Mads had the farm until 1800, when his son Knut got it. Mads died in 1803, and Elen in 1799. They had 6 children.
Knut Madson was born in 1783 and married in 1801 with Else Sofie Hæreid. She died in 1806 and Knut married again in 1806 with Sigrid Andersdtr Nundal. Knut had 2 children with his first wife and 6 with the next. His son from the first marriage, Mads got the farm in 1826 as a wedding gift.
Mads Knutson was born 1802 and married to Ingeborg Olsdtr Melheim in 1826. In 1849 he gave the farm to his son Ola, and moved to Luster with the rest of the family. Ola Madson was born in 1824 and married with Inga Larsdtr Midtun in 1849. Ola and Inga had 11 children. In 1891, Ola gave the farm to his son Ola. Ola and Inga. Both died in 1909. Ola Olson was born in 1866 and married with Anna Marie Hestetun in 1888. They had 6 children. Their son Mads Olson got the farm, and had it till his death in 1978. Today no one is living here.

Known persons from this place that emigrated to USA :
Brita Madsdtr Åbøle 14/4-1856 age 28
Mads Olson Åbøle 11/4-1872 age17
Lars Olson Åbøle 12/4-1885 age 23
Guri Olsdtr Åbøle 22/5-1889 age 21
Anders Olson Åbøle 22/5-1889 age 18
Andreas Olson Åbøle 22/5-1889 age 14
Ove Madson Åbøle
We have no information on when Ove Madson went to USA, but we know he married Margrethe Tomasdtr Øren in 1865, she was known as Margaret Helgeson in USA. They had 10 children which all went under the surname Martin in USA. They lived in Wingville Township, Grant Co, Wis. Two of the daughter's was married with two brothers from Holsøæter, Ida Josephine Martin married to Ole E. Hulsether, and Mina Ottelia Martin married to Tollef Hulsether